Successful security reform in transitional and weak states requires a balanced approach between national interests and international objectives for long term global peace and stability. Shaheen’s experts are highly experienced practitioners in the legal, policy and operational challenges that arise in security sector reform in post-conflict, transitional and developing countries. Our Teams included local and international experts experienced in the complexities of these engagements that mandate long term strategy for overcoming cross cultural and geopolitical pre-conditions to achieve regional stability and human security.


An essential component of development in any sector is training and and transfer of technical knowledge. In the security sector, achieving an effective, responsive and accountable level of governance needs to go beyond the traditional forms of training. Shaheen RM mentoring and training programs focus on designing knowledge transfer that underlines the technical but is localized for the culture and educational profile of the target security personnel. The training methodologies utilized need to ensure that the logic and context of capacity building in play will have the long term affect for improved security outcomes.


Monitoring and reporting are often relied upon as means to place pressure on individuals and parties in conflict or emergency situations to strengthen the protection of civilians and deliver aid effectively. In high risk, emergency and development scenarios, monitoring and evaluation of relief and aid programming is challenging due to physical, security and humanitarian constraints. Shaheen RM responds to these challenges by supporting our Client’s with expert M&E professionals with the latest tools and methodologies relevant for each context.

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SHAHEEN Risk Management is an International Project Management consultancy firm that is comprised of experts from Government, Commercial and Development sectors. Our firm’s practical experience of working in emerging markets and conflict-affected environments includes an extensive list of multifaceted services and capabilities that our partners and clients leverage to succeed and achieve their strategic objectives. We specialize in enabling companies and organisations by designing project management and commercial strategies to mitigate risk in complex operations and environments. British owned, we operate from our Middle Eastern Headquarters in Dubai. Our geographical areas of expertize are middle East and North Africa (MENA) through to Sub Saharan Africa and Central Asia. We operate through a network of local offices and established partnerships, facilitating relevant and up to date services at a moments notice.

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What we have done
  • West Africa Health Clinics

    Shaheen was hired to develop a mentoring and training program for local unskilled labor in various West African countries. The program required training in basic trade skills such as masonry, painting and international electrical and plumbing standards. Over a 2 year period the program was successfully implemented with local contractors and provided training and employment to over 100 local unskilled laborers.

    West Africa Health Clinics
    Mentoring and Training
  • Mauritania Infrastructure

    Shaheen was contracted to provide risk mitigation planning and ongoing M&E for am Infrastructure project on the Mauritania/Mali border. The private firm engaged Shaheen to develop security risk assessments for personnel, local commercial risk verifications and local engagement strategies. Shaheen was then engaged to monitor and evaluate the private contractor delivering the project.

    Mauritania Infrastructure
    Monitoring & Evaluation Risk Consultancy
  • Afghanistan M&E

    Shaheen developed and implemented Monitoring & Evaluation programs in Afghanistan for economic development in hardship regions. Shaheen spent 18 months in the South of Afghanistan undertaking M&E activities for private and public sector clients.

    Afghanistan M&E
    Monitoring & Evaluation
  • Capacity Building Middle East

    Shaheen is providing ongoing expert advise to enhance and enable local MENA companies to compete and deliver products and services to International standards.

    Capacity Building Middle East
    Mentoring and Training
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